NORTH STAR    650SC                   

650SC (2021) For Ultra Short Bed (1,706 m to 1,554 m) or Standard Bed (1,950 m to 1,895 m)

Brochure / Specifications
650 SC-3
650 SC-4
650 SC-5
650 SC-1
650 SC-2

The 650SC (SC meaning Self Contained, Interior Toilet & Shower) is 2,072 m in the floor length and will fit bakkie bed size 1,950 m to 1,895 m  Ultra Short bakkie Beds size 1,706 m to 1,554 m and Standard Short Beds.

This long anticipated model will not impede the receiver on any of the bed length trucks, therefore allowing for easy hitch access for those wishing to tow behind their bakkie and camper. If ordered without the std. 1/2 wrap around rear end (a 1/2 wrap being built-in tail lights and skinny side skirts) this model will correctly fit all years Bakkies with a 1,859 m bed.  A compact, self-contained pop up camper for all of those ultra-short & short bed Bakkies out there!

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